The Gap - Mural

Alice Plaza is home to a beautiful mural of The Gap completed by Peter Taylor, Gloria Pannka, Mervyn Rubuntja, Lenie Namatijra, Kevin Namatjira, Gwenda Namatjira and Reinhold Inkamala in 2014. The mural is located near Phone a Flower & Swank Shoes.

'Peter, along with six other artists Gloria Pannka, Mervyn Rubuntja, Lenie Namatijra, Gwenda Namatjira and Reinhold Inkamala all descendants of Albert Namatjira, worked for three weeks to complete this mural. Peter was happy to give his colleagues direction and all the painters concerned made sure they enjoyed his approval of their mark making. Painting the mural together felt good, everybody had their own feeling about the subject and each invested this feeling into the work while keeping the original flavour of Peter's airy watercolour landscape present. It was one of the aims, says Peter, to keep the work light and airy to honour the original piece. It was hard to know when to stop. Then, one moment he said "if we keep going, it will end up looking less like a watercolour painting and become heavy so I think we can stop now." by Brigida Steward'*

* Excerpt from the Alice Springs Town Council Public Art Map. For more info and other incredible artwork around Alice Springs visit